Shirley Booth was fantastic in her portrayal of a lovable, but at the same time, maniputative maid. Shirley Booth starred as Hazel Burke, the maid for the Baxter family. Don Defore played the role of George Baxter, the employer of Hazel. Geoirge Baxter actually believed he was the head of the family and the boss of Hazel. Somebody should of told him that Hazel was the boss. George was a lawyer who lived with his wife Dorothy and their son Harold Baxter. Dorothy was an interior decorator. Harold was a lovable blond-haired little tyke who loved Hazel to death. Hazel and Harold were usually more of a mother-son combo than Dorothy and Harold. The parents were always there for Harold, just the same, if Harold needed help he would go to Hazel first.

How difficult would it be for an employed maid to actually have her boss wrapped around her little finger? There are a lot of maids that have a very close relationship with the children that they raise. Going many steps further, Hazel actually made herself a part of the family and put their problems ahead of her problems.  

A couple of years ago, the powers-that-be came out with the first season of Hazel. In general, most of those early 1960's TV sitcom episodes are now lost or degraded. Thankfully, the powers-that-be were able to assemble the episodes and improve the quality of the first year of classic episodes of Hazel. Hopefully, they will bring out more episodes of this incredibly quaint and lovable sitcom. This show was able to put smiles on people's faces without making one double ententre remark. Not saying that I don't like double ententre, it is just very comforting to watch a sweet and funny program.

I have posted a YouTube video of Hazel, for your enjoyment.

PART 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Posted below are two magazine ads. The first advertisement is announcing the arrival of a new 1961 TV show, by the name of Hazel. The second ad is for RCA TV sets. The ad is using a TV set with images of Shirley Booth / Hazel & Don DeFore / George Baxter.



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